Libya: suffocation death of eight migrants

Libya: suffocation deaths of eight migrants

Kustenstadt Zuwara. Image: Mohamed Gmail11 / CC BY-SA 3.0

UN Special Envoy: The Current Political State in the Country is Unsustainable

The asphyxiation deaths of eight migrants, six children and two adults, in a locked freezer container near the Libyan coastal town of Zuwara is the latest shock news in a whole series of migration-related news and images that has become a kind of hysterical stress test of humanitarianism and politics in the public eye (see: Why not discuss sea rescue?).


Macron wants to fight hate on the net more fiercely

Macron wants to crack down on hate on the web

A new law in the name of the fight against anti-Semitism and racism is to systematically facilitate and accelerate the extinguishing of offensive attacks

French President Macron wants to take stronger action against hate on the net. A bill to this effect is to be discussed in the National Assembly starting in May, and is expected to be passed after the summer vacations. Tough action to be taken on content that spreads hate. This is one of the central concerns.

Hate content on social networking sites is particularly targeted: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat – as far as public content is concerned – as Laetitia Avia points out. The deputy from the ruling party La Republique en marche (LRM) is leading the drafting of the law.


Is the spanish “social security insolvent”?

Is the Spanish'sozialversicherung zahlungsunfahig'?

Image: Richard Ireland/

The Court of Audit has found a system that ran up a deficit of almost 100 billion euros between 2010 and 2017 alone

"The social security system is insolvent", had a sensationalist headline in the conservative newspaper El Mundo on Tuesday, as it reported a deficit of nearly 100 billion euros between 2010 and 2017. Thus, the Spanish Court of Audit felt compelled to respond to the Alarm Report, which was based on figures from Kostenhuter. In fact, as early as the end of 2017, the Court of Auditors had ied a "negative net assets" of almost 14 billion euros were found and the deficit between 2010 and 2017 was identified.


Joschka beghart – flenst!

Beer drinking with Powell, the Zeche pays Chirac – the Washington visit of the German Dome Minister stands for the end of the "old Europe"

Werner as a model for Joschka? The comic figure of Draftsman Rottger "Brooch" Feldmann encourages her friendships on the common inhaling of Flensburg Pils, and according to this recipe for success has been working since the newer also the German Foreign Minister. When his American countercollege Colin Powell made his waiting in Berlin in May, Fischer gave him a box "Flen". Last week, at the return visit of the German at the Potomac, Powell gave him the empties.

Powell and fisherman together at the press conference


The new rome

The USA is at the peak of power. But some string-pullers appear baffled as to what they are really supposed to do with it

In Empire, which was organized by sympathizers such as the "inevitable" Slavoj Zizek as the "Communist manifesto of our time" Michael Hardt and Toni Negri have long since concluded that the postmodern empire of data, networks, and real-time communication is not a "massacre" "no Rome" own more. "The shape of the world order and the place where power sits have changed." In the midst of the global network power structure that capital, technology, and migration flows are establishing "a new form of sovereignty", which would put an end to the old system of nation states as well as to the imperialism of the past. No state, not even the most powerful, can in the future boast of determining the parameters and guidelines of world politics alone and independently; and no power in the world can exercise control over the current global order.

The new rom

The "Empire" is a non-place

The new rule of the rivers, nets and bodies would thus be a "Non-place". As such "U-Topos" regulate it "not only human interactions", but strive for, "to rule directly over human nature". And because this "Empire" In the wake of the disappearance of spatial and temporal boundaries, international associations and institutions in particular gained increasing power and influence, such as the G-8 or supranational entities like the WTO, the WB or the IMF. That this long under command, communication control of the USA, is not mentioned.


China wants to strengthen patriotism with penalties

China wants to strengthen patriotism with punishments

China_flag.JPG:Image: Ecow/CC0

While Xi Jinping has followed in the footsteps of Mao Zedong, lack of respect for the national flag and national anthem is being considered for punishment with up to three years in prison

The Chinese parliament is roughly, but actually smaller than the German one, if you consider the number of population. more than 700 deputies decide after the Bundestag election about the fate of Germany, actually it should be 598 deputies. 631 in the last legislature, but they refused to reform the electoral law.


Promoting reading

World Book Day

With Wole Soyinka, the first African Nobel Prize winner in literature, a series of events for World Book Day, now in its sixth year, begins the evening before. Soyinka will read at the House of Cultures from the book "The burden of remembering" reading. The launch event on 22. April becomes starting from 18 o’clock live in the Internet under book ubertragen.

15.000 balloons will be released on 23. April launched to promote reading. The event was initiated in 1995 by the United Nations cultural organization. The proclaimed day is to put the book as a medium in the center, in order to contribute in such a way also to the Volkerverstandigung. In addition to the main event in Berlin, some 4.000 bookstores and publishers in the actions.


The left-wing syriza in the fight against terrorism

The left syriza in the antiterrorist struggle

arrest of the wanted Pola Roupa. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

Pola Roupa, the wife of anarchist Nikos Maziotis, who had a million euro bounty on her head, was arrested with her six-year-old son, who is being held in isolation

Am 5. January Pola Roupa was arrested in Athens. The wife of the imprisoned anarchist Nikos Maziotis was betrayed. The Greek state had put a million euro bounty on her head. A proud amount, measured by the fact that Roupa was not charged with any murder during the time of her work.


Europe as a crisis center

Europe as a crisis center

Current account balance FRG – Eurozone

The systemic contradictions of the collapsing capitalist world system are mirrored in the Eurozone teetering on the brink of collapse. Crisis of Capitalism – Part 3

Does the EU only lead the existence of an institutional zombie?? Although the last Euro Summit was able to avert the political and economic collapse of the Eurozone, at least for the time being, the idea of European unification seems to have suffered irreversible damage, at least in Germany. The EU is still alive, but the European idea is dead.


Beijing sinks deeper into the pakistan mess

Beijing sinks deeper into the mess pakistan

Pakistan’s people have reached out to the guest – will Beijing understand that it takes more than smart economic action? Photo: Gilbert Kolonko

Chinese Workers Bash Their Chaperones – This new scandal of Chinese citizens in Pakistan plays into the hands of all those who consider Beijing’s activities in the region to be those of a colonial power – only China can still help Pakistan in this case

Images are currently running in the Pakistani media showing Chinese engineers and trench workers in Pakistan’s Punjab province beating up police officers who had been assigned to protect them – but the reason seems to be camp fever rather than colonial posturing. According to local police, it all started when the 30 or so Chinese workers tried to leave their camp on the highway between the cities of Bahawalpur and Faisalabad after work without taking their escort with them. When the Pakistani policemen tried to stop them, the Chinese workers attacked them. Several cell phone recordings show that the mainly plainclothes guards were noticeably restrained, but the Chinese workers nevertheless launched further attacks on the workers.