Racial profiling is not a means to fight sexism

Or: What we can learn from Israel

Since the Islam-fascist terror has been causing terror in Europe as well, the slogan "fight sexism" has become more and more popular "Learning from Israel" . The people there have been exposed to such terror for years. Since the young Israeli soldier Elor Azari was found guilty of manslaughter by the Israeli military court, the slogan has gained a specific human rights meaning.

Azari shot an already injured Islamic knife assailant lying on the ground, who had previously seriously injured another soldier. Azari’s statement that he feared that the assassin might also attack him with a knife was rejected as a protective claim. The soldier was found guilty, although there was much sympathy for him among the Israeli population, not only in right-wing settler circles, and even some politicians of the right-wing conservative government joined in the call for acquittal.


Labels and podcasts: commerce versus enthusiasm?

There are many open questions for the podcast scene, as shown at the Podcastday 2006

"It works without the majors: the podcast scene is founded by your own music industry."No question mark, no exclamation point, no point – it’s amazing that the creators of the podcastday2006 simply put this thesis in the room as if the alternative music industry actually existed. But Podcaster expected from the present of the panel actually the clarification much more urgent questions. However, the answers remained amazingly vague, at least what the planned tariff affected.

That the parable of rigid olbo drilling platforms and the fleets of submarines, which used the moderator of the discussion round, the Berlin media lawyer Andreas Schardt, was quite appropriate, one could notice several times in the discussion round. In general, the impression is created: while moving a little bit on the problems in the field of music licensing, but the actual questions are currently unclear. Ironically, Thomas Stein, CEO of Jack White Productions AG, warned the Gema spokesman Urban Pappi, maybe the detailed questions about cephoto numbers that the podcasters are currently moving – because otherwise the credits of GEMA have suffered enormously.


Ban on short trips over easter

Ban on short trips over easter

Law Professor Jungbluth: "The Chancellor’s verbal request has no legal force whatsoever"

"These are fundamental rights violations in Wild West style, or, to put it in more legal terms, completely arbitrary measures", says Professor Dr. David Jungbluth in an interview with Telepolis. Jungbluth, professor of law at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, sharply criticizes the federal government’s massive encroachment on basic rights (In times of crisis, basic rights have no off switch).

In particular, the former prosecutor considers Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that short trips over Easter are not allowed to be highly problematic. He sees an overstepping of the Chancellor’s competence. Jungbluth is equally harsh in his criticism of the Federal Constitutional Court, which has so far refrained from the possibility of a "Preliminary ruling" did not make use of the right of appeal against the restriction of basic rights (judicial criticism). The Federal Interception Court "ducks away", says Jungbluth.


Targeted killings with combat drones increasingly violate international law

UN special envoy on extrajudicial executions calls for legal rules to curb rampant global use of combat drones

Under the Bush administration, in the "Global war on terrorism" begun using combat drones to monitor, hunt down and kill suspected adversaries and. The use of combat drones became particularly popular for targeting Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in the Pakistani area bordering Afghanistan, without having to officially declare war operations in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has so far tolerated this undeclared drone warfare, seeing the cross-border use of U.S. soldiers and manned aircraft as a violation of sovereignty.

Drones have become the first successful remotely piloted robotic systems for the U.S. military, while existing ground combat robots have not yet been deployed. Year after year, more and more unarmed and armed drones were deployed in conflict zones. Under U.S. President Obama, the waging of war with drones to kill potential adversaries has been further expanded, while hunting them down obeys the maxim that it is better to kill them than to capture them, so as not to run into new problems in dealing with detained "enemy combatants" to advised. Politically, targeted killing seems to be more practical and harmless than capture.


Those who are not with us are against us

In the polarized and aggressive mood in the country, those voices are lost that do not want to engage in any form of oppression

In the heated political climate in Egypt these days, it is not easy to express an opinion without making it unmistakably clear in advance where one does not stand. Anyone who condemns the excessive violence of the military against the Muslim Brotherhood sit-in is quickly portrayed as an Islamist sympathizer. In the anti-Morsi camp, Morsi is often compared to Hitler, there are posters showing the two side by side, above the sentence: "Hitler was democratically elected. So what Morsi."

Image: Martin Hoffmann


Nasa above all

The film "The Dish" staged Australia’s successful participation in the Apollo 11 mission as a moment of national triumph – by seamlessly hitching a ride to the ubervater USA

"Will the people of India get to see this too??" It’s a brave question when directed at three self-satisfied men who, over lunch together, have been promoting the lofty ideals of the "rude enterprise of mankind" discuss. At least, that’s how Cliff Buxton, the director of the telescope antenna in the small town of Parkes, Australia, describes the Apollo 11 mission. Later, when Neil Armstrong takes his first steps on the moon, we will get the answer to the question.

In front of their TV sets we see people of all nations, Australians, Japanese and also Indians, staring in bewilderment at a small square where a man descends a ladder, steps on the ground and speaks a memorable sentence. It would be difficult to find a clearer image of the utopia of humanity united under the starry banner. What all Hollywood producers have always dreamed of is once again emphatically evoked here, in the film The Dish. The primal American act of land grabbing and expansion live on all channels. No more competition, no more difference, just one image, one message for everyone. NASA above all.


All-clear for 2019

Astronomers criticize the media excitement after the news that, according to initial calculations, the asteroid 2002 NT7 could come dangerously close to the earth

Every comet or asteroid that could come dangerously close to the Earth not only attracts media attention, but the threat is also exaggerated in order to increase the news value. This was also the case last week, when astronomers reported that asteroid 2002 NT7, with a remarkable diameter of two kilometers, was expected to impact on 1.2. come close to Earth in 2019, so that there was a certain probability of a collision.

Image: Nasa


What to know

The word "Expert" means today mainly people who are allowed to spread any amount of nonsense in the media without responsibility, but a distinction must be made between those who spread and those who know

The other day a Bulgarian colleague printed his business card in my hand. The job title was striking: "Expert". And he could back up the claim: In socialist Bulgaria, he had built and maintained food-processing machines that were used throughout the eastern trestle. Because he had been in Cuba for six years, he spoke Spanish fluently (besides French and English, he also understood German). Without a doubt an expert.

The Berlin journalist Gabriele Goettle went in search of some experts and wrote a wonderful book about them: What is an Expert? In the past, an expert was someone who knew a lot about a particular subject. Today, all you have to do is slip into a TV show, hold on to it, and you’re an expert.


“No more zero-sum game”

Iran relies on cooperation. As a result of sanctions?

All the world talks about thaw, except Netanyahu. He remains true to the picture of Iran as a global threat. In the Iranian President’s speech to the UN General Assembly, the Israeli Prime Minister does not want to recognize a change of course, but only a manover to gain time for the construction of the atomic bomb.

As "hypocritical and cynical" in the face of "the involvement of Iranian forces in the gross murder of innocent civilians in Syria" Netanyahu referred to Rohani’s speech as a "warning". Earlier, the Israeli prime minister had ordered Israeli UN deputies to leave the plenary session and not listen to Rohani. Iran’s new opening for negotiations and cooperation with the West is only a trick and an exchange for Netanyahu.