Understanding insecurity as freedom?

Understanding uncertainty as freedom?

Symbol image: Brent Moore. License: CC BY 2.0

At "Uncertainty Avoidance Index" (UAI) Japanese and Germans are more similar than Japanese and Chinese

Calls for more police are currently winning elections in Germany, although no one is revealing where the promised police forces will come from. Germany may want to take a cue from its southwestern neighbor France, which has reduced the training period for new police officers to six months, or it may want to increase the use of police trainers in active service.


Beauty is in the eye of the astronomer

NASA presents the most detailed image of a ring galaxy to date

On the September photo of the Hubble Heritage project an almost perfect ring of bright, young, blue stars can be seen, which surrounds a brightly shining galaxy core. Of the ring galaxy named after its discoverer, 600 million light years away, a picture is now available, which is not only the most detailed, but certainly also the most beautiful, which has been made so far.

Picture: NASA


Stem cell therapy for retinal disease

The first clinical trial of embryonic stem cell treatment in the EU was approved in the UK

Surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital will inject RPE (retinal pigment epithelium) cells grown from human embryonic stem cells into the eyes of 12 patients suffering from juvenile macular degeneration, Stargardt’s disease, next year. Grobbritannien sollte unter der Labour-Regierung zu einem Pionierland fur die Stammzellenforschung ausgebaut werden, wozu auch entsprechende Gesetze verabschiedet wurden, um die Forschung auch beim Klonen und mit menschlichen embryonalen Stammzellen zu unterstutzen.

Die seltene, genetische bedingte Erkrankung betrifft junge Menschen und zerstort Zellen in der Makula, dem zentralen Sehfeld der Netzhaut. It does not usually lead to total blindness, but can quickly or slowly over years drastically reduce visual acuity through the loss of photoreceptors. The Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) has now approved for the first time in a European country clinical trials with the controversial use of RPE cells grown from human embryonic stem cells, previously approved by the European Medicines Agency EMA. It is hoped that this will prevent further damage to vision or improve vision, as has already been shown in animal experiments. Animal experiments have also demonstrated that the cells are safe. None of the 160 treatments of mice showed cancer formation, he said.


Economic situation for killers

Computer players can increasingly earn good money with their skills and sponsorships in organized multiplayer tournaments

The booming growth industry of computer games is beginning to pay off for teenage masters of network games.The American Cyberathlete Professional League (CPI) and its international affiliates organize tournaments in which young players demonstrate their skills in virtual duels and win hefty prizes. There are already agents who manage particularly good players and use sponsorship contracts to ensure that their proteges earn up to six-figure annual incomes.The players should be put on an equal footing with renowned sports athletes

Concerned parents can breathe a sigh of relief: the offspring, who spends his days between school and bedtime playing baller games in front of the PC, is not necessarily a penniless brute on the way to social exclusion. Maybe he can even become rich with his passion – if he is good enough. Since June 1997, there has been an organization in the USA called "Cyberathlete Professional League", which is based in Dallas and organizes tournaments for computer gamers with ever-increasing prize money. It also organizes software and hardware exhibitions. The CPI foundation was a reaction to the worldwide triumph of online games, which had begun in 1996 with the release of the famous first-person shooter Quake by ID Software – accompanied by the accelerated expansion of the Internet. The game, which was indexed in Germany, not only set new standards graphically, but was also designed for the first time for the so-called multiplayer mode. Besides killing monsters in the traditional lonely game, the game "Single Player"-mode, you could now beat the crap out of each other in a virtual environment, either on a local network or connected to other players via a web server.