Mali: “russia, help!”

Mali:'russland, hilf!'

Gao, Mali. Photo: David Sessoms / CC BY-SA 2.0

Background to the stop of the Jihadists in Gao. Use of the Bundeswehr "Expensive and dangerous"

A truck loaded truck, which transforms into a fireball in the courtyard of the attacked barracks, and 77 dead: this is the leading balance of the devastating suicide dent of the past Wednesday (19. January) in Gao in the north Malis.

A Jihadist had not attacked those barracks in which earlier combatants of enemy conflict parties – from the ranks of the Tuareg separatists who play the north of Malis from the Incidental Land, as well as the loyal site fighting on the government side "platform" – to be trained to joint patrols. There, the former-enemy camphor should be put under a common uniform and incorporated into the army of the West African country.

The peace agreement

In June 2015 was in the capital Bamako "peace treaty" for the north of the country solemnly signed since the 1. September 2014 in Algiers Muhsam had been negotiated.

The assassination, which has so far been the most serious in the region, aimed to make this process of conflictive contraction. To him now the Jihadist group of Mourabitoun – this is the Arab name of the Almoravids, a dynasty, which prevailed several centuries about North Africa – known.

Mokhtar Belmokthar, the Bin Laden of the Sahara

This grouping is directed by the, in the past several times for dead, Algerian Mokhtar BelmoThar. Essentially, it does not exist from national malish, but from North African Arabs. The radical Islamists there, according to the failure of their experiment of a power of power in Algeria, was depressed by a Burger War from 1992 to 1998/1999, in the Wiss Areas and Father in the Northly adjacent Sahelzone.

In the letter of confession, the Mourabitoun explained, it is about attacking groups with the "Occupies" bonded from France. Fir days before the assassination, the French Prasident Francois had visited Hollande troop parts of his country on site in Gao.

Expensive and dangerous use of the Bundeswehr

Gao is also a location where the German Bundeswehr is stationed. First of all, it was explained in Berlin, the local army use on up to 1.Expand 000 soldiers. This must be appreciated by the Bundestag. So far, as a result of a resolution of January 2016, up to 650 soldiers, the speech, which should increase the UN buffer force minusma (mission to stabilize malis).

Meanwhile, the mirror reported on this commitment and summarized him as "expensive, dangerous, tedious" – and without prospect of it, the country "pacify" be able to. Francois Hollande in his part had on 14. January this year, the French militarprasence in the region "long-term" be.

In addition to the difficulties that the geography brings with him in the extensive and most anticipated north Malis, political questions are also aware of the use of the French army, which is intended to strengthen the UN troop – and so the Bundeswehr as its component -.

The French troops of the surgery Barkhane Should the combat inserts against Jihadists take over; Last year she should have killed or captured 150 years of jihadists. The UN troop with over 11.000 men should be as a buffer troupe, so "Peace-keeping mission", assist.

Aversion to France’s use

France, which is considered in parts of society in Mali as a bonded one, especially self-sufficiency of a narrow elite-colored government in Bamako, does not escape the growing dislike against the rulers. On the one hand, the French army hindered Malian troops from taking Kidal district capital in the northeast of the state territory.

There, Tuareg-Sekessionists who were in young past once with Jihadists and sometimes with the French troops entered coves, as before. France is preceded by a double game between you and the central government in Bamako.

That the reverse in the youngest time the French government opposes the latter a sharp tone, hardly improves relationships. France’s Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian spoke at the 06. November 2016 indirectly from a failure of intervention and military efforts in Mali, the locals seized the guilt for the guilt and demanded from these "Initiatives for the better integration of the Volker in North Mali into the state community".

After an autonomous network entered into force in the 2016 early year, which creates two new regions in the north and accompanies with extensive decentralization – de facto in the financial interest of new oriental elites – he returned under the table.

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