“Extremely overenthusiastic”

Sorable election preparations in Iraq

Three days until "Big Day" in Iraq, the day of the controversial choice, which is accompanied by secretary preparations. The business of the arms handlers in Baghdad boomes; Not only private individuals, also party politicians make provision for election day. The prices on the black market for handguns have risen after three-month lull again, "a big possibility to make profit.

The elections are the main factor for the revival of the business". Optimism, however, on the part of the "Independent election commission in Iraq" (Independent Electoral Commission of IRAQ – IECI): The more and more priganting on the polling stations in the last few days had no covert effect on the preparations for Sunday, dear on yesterday’s press conference

Although the miserable security situation has led to delays in the recruitment of electoral hazards, nevertheless have a stately 200.000 helper. The number of Iraqis, which have registered for the election, was given at almost 13 million (12.965 386). You have 24 million pettencies have been printed to be prepared for sabotage files. Within the last week, 22 airplanes in Iraq are said daily, the ballot, urns, cabins, signs, etc. brought.

Image: Middle East online

However, above all, the US troops for hedge against sabotage acts are stated, for lack of confidence to the Iraqi safety faith, this has led to first irritation within the UN election consulting group. Their chairman Carina Perelli thought that the US militar "Extremely overenthusiastic" In your support and your interference should be minimized because this should be an Iraqi process.

On the other hand, on the American side, there are rough concerns to trust the Iraqi safety force, which is considered bad and little "steadfast" and on top of that – often confirmed – suspected suspicion is that they are from "Sparkish" be infiltrated. Why also the hitherto secret locations of the above 5.000 polling stokers have been able to be known to the opponents of choice.

US soldier shares information sheet for election. Photo: u.S. Army

What parts of the American press as "Extraordinary commitment" the US troops for the "Democratic progress" in Iraq is greeted, some Iraqis understand differently. For them, the election under the crew is a farce, as in their consequence, only one government will come to power anyway, which was legitimized to maintain the crew. As Islam-Online reported yesterday, however, there are differences in the violence for the violence even differences.

During the Jihadi terrorist Sarkawi one All-out was Against the Haretic Democracy in general and the sorted choice in Iraq in particular proclaimed (cf. The blood of the Wahler has, the military avalanche of the "Islamic Front for Resistance", The Salah-Ad-Din Brigades, on the other hand, have explained to do without termination on polling stations or their welfare. You do not want to be pulled into a fight against your own people and no innocent Iraqis dead.

In contrast, militant demonstrated militant, which is known on the internet than to Sarkawi, her notorious brutality and totled in front of the camera a man in 150 of the "Iraqi list" Immerse from Premier Allawi, Salem Dachar Al-Kanani. "I’ve been captured by the Mudschahedin", said Al-Kanani. "They treated me very well." Then he was shot.

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