The nobel peace prize and a little war

Politicians in many countries rejoice over Nobel Peace Prize for Kofi Annan and the UN – and continue to wage war on terrorism

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the United Nations were given equal shares of the 100. Nobel Peace Prize awarded. Rewarding their work for a better organized and more peaceful world. The Norwegian Nobel Committee sees the organization at the forefront of efforts to build peace and security in the world and to mobilize internationally to meet global economic, social and environmental challenges. For the Committee, the United Nations is the only viable path to global peace. But the front seems to be elsewhere at the moment and the mobilization follows again its old semantics.

Previously, a group around the Norwegian peace researcher Johan Galtung had demanded that President Bush should receive the prize next year if he could avoid war as a reaction to the terrorist attacks against the USA. From the dream. The head of the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Geir Lundestad, was immediately skeptical that the Nobel Peace Prize would not have such a major impact on Bush that it could somehow influence presidential policy. It is true, therefore, that peace is now being temporarily outsourced to the UN, which is the world’s largest peace organization "humanitarian daily rations" The people who win the Nobel Peace Prize advance to thousands of collateral profits of the war and the terrorist cancer is dissected away in a humanitarian way – that’s it: everybody gets what he deserves.

With so much unity on the explosive road to global peace, no one wanted to stand back. "I was incredibly pleased that Kofi Annan was awarded the Peace Prize", said German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, who shortly before had declared German war operations in Afghanistan to be self-evident, if unrestricted solidarity with the United States demanded it. The sheer joy of nobilized peace has also taken hold of other combatants. British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has just postponed the end of the bombing into the uncertain future, says no one deserves the prize more than the United Nations. He is probably right, since the selection of suspected peacemakers has not been too complex for several weeks now.

That’s the way it is in these hot days, when the bleeding paradoxes are camouflaged with fine peace rhetoric. The heads of state consider the peace efforts a great cause, praise the good man and his fragile organization – and meanwhile keep on bombing. No doubt that all good people are in principle peace-minded, as long as it does not disturb the just war. Tony Blair brought it home in his address to the British Parliament on 08.10.2001 to the point:

"We are, all of us – the nations involved in this action – peaceful peoples who prefer to live in peace. But a desire to live in peace should never be interpreted as weakness by those who attack us."

There is no room for doubt about the scale of priorities of defensible democracies: First comes the strong, then freedom hand in hand with justice, and peace trots behind in the rearguard.

CDU leader Angela Merkel, Kerstin Muller and Rezzo Schlauch of the Greens, FDP leader Guido Westerwelle joined in the praise of the UN and Kofi Annan. In the current political situation, the Greens consider the UN to be an important political actor. The importance of this actor, who is committed to the preservation of peace and security throughout the world, is demonstrated – as was the case in 1999 with the Kosovo conflict – by his enormous influence in steering the current war in a different direction or preventing it from taking place.

Kofi Annan was told by the USA on the way to peace that they do not intend to extend their military operations against terrorism to other countries. This does not exactly fit with Bush’s constantly repeated proclamations of an unpredictable campaign against world evil wherever it spreads virally around the globe. But America’s de-escalation gift with a limited shelf life is as rearing as our information-political knowledge that civilian deaths in Afghanistan are only a shameful propaganda lie of the Taliban.

For Angela Merkel, the United Nations is a "The ring is an indispensable part of our world order and will continue to be so in the 21st century. Century remain." This prognosis also familiarizes us with the circumstances, since the last thing that war-makers want to be accused of is being against peace, as long as it is the just one. War is nothing else than the preparation of peace with preserved respectively. proven means.

Committee head Gunnar Berge recognizes in the award "a signal against international terrorism" and defines it like this "We distinguish the UN as the most effective instrument for fighting conflicts ever." Now, terrorists will be as little shaken by the awarding of prizes in the ubiquitous jihad as the conflict management strategy in Afghanistan will be determined by the United Nations. The world, which confidently reflects itself as a civilian one, also uses the oldest instruments of power just as self-evidently as it did in the days when those waging war were still allowed to bark blatantly bellicose barks and not coo in a friendly manner when a peaceful fig leaf got lost in a hail of bombs.

The fact that the U.S. is now also really good to the UN again is demonstrated by the payment of more than $580 million in eternally backlogged contributions to put the organization back on its financial feet for the first time in five years. It is in times of war that peace organizations become so important for peace-minded warriors, because they can involve even fickle cantonists of the world society in global peace war missions. The UN Security Council recently adopted a resolution to unite all UN member states in the fight against terrorists. Although Kofi Annan does not see this as a generalization of American military operations, Washington was immediately sovereign enough to declare that it does not want to depend on decisions of the United Nations in the future.

Thus war flirts with peace when it serves its purposes, but cowardly defeatism cannot hope for understanding when freedom worldwide, ever true and armed to the teeth, eats the evil with skin and hair for all time. And now suddenly there is a bit of war on earth, but soon everything will be peaceful.

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