News from quantum physics: our universe is eternal

News from quantum physics: Our universe is eternal

The author of the "Especially simple theory of everything" When surfing Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawai. Photo: CJEAN42 / CC BY-SA 3.0

The physicist and mathematician Garrett Lisi, author of the "Especially simple theory of everything", in the interview: "Nature is ultimately a consistent whole"

Antony Garrett Lisi developed one in 2007 "World formula", which describes all the excursions and materials in the universe with some elegant formulas and is impressive simplicity and beauty. This theory is called "A particularly simple theory of everything" and connects Einstein relativity theory with particle physics. With their help, the whole reality can be explained, from immense small in the quantum area to the large cosmic structures, the galaxy cluster and superheap.

Garrett Lisi stakes its theory on the well-exceptional Lie Group E8, where he arranges the known elementary particles according to the Lie-Algebra. Although in the research community, the opinion predominates, Lisis principle is – in addition to the string theory – a possible way to reconcile the standard model with gravity, his work is still very controversial. If the physicist and mathematician is not accused of thinking about the universe, he goes to his second passion, surfing.

Theoretical physics is the biggest existing puzzle for me

Why have you studied theoretical physics? Why especially the E8 theory? There was a deciduous experience in her childhood or youth?

Antony Garrett Lisi: I could not really suffer people. I wanted to spend my time to think about nature – about things that were not made of man – and I was good in mathematics. Theoretical physics is the biggest existing puzzle for me. I especially interested for the relationship between Einstein’s gravity theory and the current description of particle physics. Einstein’s gravity is already and purely geometric, so there must be a similar geometric description for elementary particles. After testing different approaches for 10 years, I found a geometric agreement between the mathematical structures of gravity, elementary particles and the E8 Lie Group. Could you "Theory of everything" so explain as if they had a 5-year child in front of them?

Antony Garrett Lisi: You can imagine the many hundreds of different types of elementary particles like different colors and shapes of legos. What I found out is that this group of stucks seem to be parts of a very complex and spite of the top when they are assembled in a certain way. Are there relevant updates in your theory?

Antony Garrett Lisi: A few years ago, I reached a new literacy of space-time in theory – by introducing our four-dimensional space time into a deforming E8 Lie Group of infinite exhaust. An implication is that our universe is forever – it expands in time for infinity from the big bang and forever into the future. Symmetry and simplicity seem to be two main instances of their theory. Also in nature symmetry and simplicity seem to be overall. We observe that even the most complex phenomena can be backed up in very simple explanations. That gives the impression of truthfulness. Why do you think, complexity in nature ultimately can ultimately through "simple" Formulas explain? Is there a formula behind the formulas?

Antony Garrett Lisi: It is a council why math describes our physical realitat as effectively – but it is like that. Some branches of mathematics are particularly important. It has long been known that symmetry, which are predominantly due to mathematical structures named "Lie groups" is described, a very important role in particle physics plays. These lie groups are naturally combined with larger lie groups, and in a way that corresponds to particle physics … Thus, it is conceivable that our whole universe can be described by a single, properly in many different stucco divided Lie Group; Complexity arises both through the varied structure of the fundamental Lie group as well as their excitations when their symmetry is interrupted; so the chaotic, but also subtly ordered world is created that we see around us. Why the universe seems to be the physical instantiation of a relatively simple geometric mathematics … It can only speculate about it. Has the geometric form inspired it incoming? Is the geometry the cause or effect (the arrival point) in your theory? In other words, they started with the geometry to get to the mathematical formula or vice versa?

Antony Garrett Lisi: I started with geometric mathematics, particle physics and gravity – essentially a rich accumulation of algebra bills printed by matrices. Only after a long time I discovered that the mathematics made by me correspond to a purely geometric image – and that it … hub. It was actually a little shocking.

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