Bad timing

Shortly after the Ukrainian government said it knew the exact position of the separatists’ air defense systems, two fighter jets were shot down

What the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) reveals must be viewed with as much suspicion as information from Russian authorities and state media. Chairman Andriy Parubiy is a member of Tymoshenko’s Fatherland Party and comes from the right-wing nationalist political spectrum. He had co-founded the far-right Social-National Party, which showed in its very name where it was grounding itself. This party then gave rise to the likewise right-wing nationalist, albeit somewhat female-washed Svoboda party, which helped shape the Maidan movement and, as a member of the governing coalition, the policies after the fall of Yanukovych.

Parubiy became known primarily during the Maidan protests, where he was the commander of the so-called militant "Self-Defense Forces" and worked closely with Right Sector and other right-wing extremist groups. It is also thanks to him that the National Guard was created for the militants of the Maidan, into which the Right Sector did not want to join. Since the militant right-wing nationalists did not want to disarm and the fight against the separatists did not progress, militias were finally officially established and recognized.

Today, the spokesman of the NSDC, Andriy Lysenko, announced that the Ukrainian intelligence services knew exactly where all the air defense systems of the separatists were located: "We know that the terrorists have weapons with which they can bomb our planes, but we have information about where they are, their exact location", he said. The information was given to the intelligence services by the local population.

With this information it is possible to fly attacks without the planes coming into the range of air defense systems. He added that this "very carefully" were made: "Intelligence must be working because we are shadowing each of our aircraft."

A short time later, a spokesman for the leadership of the "Anti-terrorist operation" (ATO) that the separatists had shot down two fighter planes near the Russian border. The two Su-25 aircraft, which can fly as high as 7 km, had flown together and had been tasked with protecting ATO troops from the air. Although they tried to avoid the missiles and fired heat exchangers, both planes were damaged. The pilots had to use their ejection seats.

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