Again a nationwide blackout in venezuela

Another nationwide blackout in venezuela

Another blackout in Caracas. Image: Telesur

Maduro government makes one "electromagnetic attack" responsible

In Venezuela there was yesterday from 16:45 local time again a grobflachigen blackout. About half of the Venezuelan states are without electricity. Telecommunications and the Internet appear to have been virtually paralyzed, and. The blackout is similar to the one in March, when the power supply collapsed repeatedly for weeks. At the time, the government blamed a U.S. cyberattack and sabotage by the opposition. Washington and the opposition led by Guaido saw the blame in the corrupt system that neglected the maintenance of the infrastructure.

Once again, the Venezuelan government blames the renewed blackout on an attack. Nicolas Maduro speaks of a renewed "Attack on peace and tranquility" of the country. The first signs were seen for a "electromagnetic attack" speak. After the last blackouts, precautions were taken to maintain safety, to provide for people and to restore power as quickly as possible.

The Minister of Communications, Jorge Rodriguez, ordered that until the power is restored today, the authorities and schools and universities will remain closed. The electricity company Corpoelec announced a few hours ago that the power supply was working again in Caracas and partially in some states.

The incident was preceded on Friday by a military confrontation between an American spy plane and the Venezuelan air force. The had driven the Lockheed EP-3E out of Venezuelan airspace with a Russian fighter jet, is the account of Venezuela. The Pentagon, on the other hand, states that the incident took place over international territory and that the SU-30 aggressively approached the American aircraft (Military incident between Venezuela and the United States).

The controversy over the incident, which took place on 19. The incident, which took place on July 21, was not. publicly aired. Yesterday, security adviser – or escalation watchdog – John Bolton stepped in to condemn the "provocative actions of the illegitimate Venezuelan regime against our Navy aircraft, which was on a routine mission".

It would not be far-fetched to ame that an attack on Venezuela’s electricity supply could be a reaction by the U.S. government to destabilize the Maduro government and damage the economy. Juan Guaido is trying to instrumentalize the renewed blackout in the usual way. This, he wrote, "a product of the regime’s corruption and incompetence. We have warned of the latent humanitarian catastrophe if the regime remains in power without offering a solution to the emergency it is creating".

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