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World Book Day

With Wole Soyinka, the first African Nobel Prize winner in literature, a series of events for World Book Day, now in its sixth year, begins the evening before. Soyinka will read at the House of Cultures from the book "The burden of remembering" reading. The launch event on 22. April becomes starting from 18 o’clock live in the Internet under book ubertragen.

15.000 balloons will be released on 23. April launched to promote reading. The event was initiated in 1995 by the United Nations cultural organization. The proclaimed day is to put the book as a medium in the center, in order to contribute in such a way also to the Volkerverstandigung. In addition to the main event in Berlin, some 4.000 bookstores and publishers in the actions.

Promoting reading

The book is now in dire need of publicity, because a study by Stiftung Lesen shows that readers are increasingly adapting their behavior to what the media society has to offer. On the one hand, people are now reading significantly less: Eight percent more respondents than in 1992 said they never read a book. This puts the proportion of non-readers at 28 percent, and 31 percent read only infrequently. In contrast, only six percent said they read a book a day, 22 percent several times a week and 13 percent once a week.

Reading is changing from a former ritual to a niche activity, according to reading researchers. A book is only read when one has time and feels relaxed. On the other hand, a large number of books are already being sold over the Internet, but overall book sales are declining. Added to this is the fact that reading is less frequent and, above all, more superficial. Often the reading is interrupted when it does not meet expectations. Similar reading habits can be observed in the online forums. Hardly anyone is in a position to provide a comprehensive commentary.

Gift book

Among the actions is a series of new publications. So a special edition was created, which is distributed exclusively for the anniversary. This year, the series of Gunter Grass with the workshop report "Five decades" served. For only ten marks you can buy the illustrated publication, which describes the career of the Nobel Prize winner. The reading and a conversation with the author will also be available on the Internet. More renowned authors are to be recruited for the special book series in the near future.

"I give you a story 2001" is the title of a small gift book published by Stiftung Lesen in an edition of 750 copies.000 copies will be given away to children through the bookstores. The booklet contains 13 stories that describe the lives of children in other countries. The publicity campaigns also include 24 "living literary figures", which go on tour with Deutsche Bahn. So people will be able to travel on the train together with Goethe or Pippi Longstocking and perhaps regain a desire to read.

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