Joschka beghart – flenst!

Beer drinking with Powell, the Zeche pays Chirac – the Washington visit of the German Dome Minister stands for the end of the "old Europe"

Werner as a model for Joschka? The comic figure of Draftsman Rottger "Brooch" Feldmann encourages her friendships on the common inhaling of Flensburg Pils, and according to this recipe for success has been working since the newer also the German Foreign Minister. When his American countercollege Colin Powell made his waiting in Berlin in May, Fischer gave him a box "Flen". Last week, at the return visit of the German at the Potomac, Powell gave him the empties.

Powell and fisherman together at the press conference

What the visit to "full success" (Fischer) had made, but was not just the good fabric, but above all the strategic offer of the German, the common "Alliance for peace". The Europe of the future KONNE only "be strong together with the United States – not as his rival", Had Fischer said. From this, the International Herald Tribune in her Saturday edition made her mapping on page one. "Fischer exposes Berlin from Paris", wrote the leaf.

Likewise: The French State President Jacques Chirac had warned in the Iraq confrontation several times before a unipolar world under the dominance of the US and as an alternative requires a multipolar order (unit instead of multipolarity, order instead of chaos). Prompted in the USA An anti-Franzosic campaign started, French french fries in Freedom fries (cf). Parlez-Vous French fries?To). "The German position does not aim at a multipolar, but a multilateral order," declared a high German government official against the Il.

Multipolar (Chirac) versus Mulilateral (Fischer), the hoard after a hair splitter. But how close the German ideas have become the Angelsachsian, you could already guess in April, as Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroder even Tony Blair’s vision of a unipolar world as "appropriate" designated. From the Ministry of Aufs, this re-investment was theoretically underpowered to the US. Multilateral means that "International significant affairs by discussion and on the basis of international law", So the already quoted officials of the Aerial Office. In contrast to this consensus, France relies on a confrontational approach – the US should not be integrated into committees, but by building against Poland.

Thus, the penultimate week alain called, a familiar Chiracs, with his Moscow visit Russia as one of these poles and spoke of one "Strategic partnership between the European Pol and Russian Pol", which, of course, as he drowned mercy "dialog" Not excluding the American pole. Fisherman has this plan in Washington "with eloquent brutalitat a cancellation ied", commented the Suddeutsche Zeitung Saturday.

With Germany, the project (a counterpols), even if it sees a few months, do not realize.

Fisherman was also nice to the hosts because the instruments were shown to him. Prasident George W. Bush did not evaluate him, as in May the CDU challenger Roland Koch, by a short audience and made it clear that the grune at his other Hohenfluen – in the conversation is the office of the EU-Aufemister – with headwind from the woman’s house have to expect. Massive was the threat to oppose the fishermen on a joint meeting of the senior rules of the Senate and the Reprused Antenna House.

If Germany once again set up such a dispute with the US as in this year of year, the impact on the mutual ratio will "For the next 50 years" to have. Chancellor Schroder had a similar formulation in Marz 2002: Germany do not deny the US in the case of a non-un-mandated Iraq war, the use of his bases and the jerk coverage through the Fox tanks in Kuwait, because otherwise the German-American Relationship "For the next 30 to 50 years" are damaged.

Economic symbiosis

The threat has a material core: In the course of the nineties, the German dependence has grown significantly from the USA. While the German exports totaled almost 90 percent increase, the goods exported to the US 217 percent. Every fun of Euro, the German companies convert outside the euro zone, is a dollar and comes from the USA. If the United States were only the sixth most important trading partner at the beginning of the decade, so they have now developed with a share of ten percent to the second most important customer of German exports.

The indirect dependence is still gross: Germany is with an export ratio of 31 percent next to Japan the economy, which is most oriented most on the world market. The economy on the world market is essentially a result of demand in the United States.

The European Union and Japan, which together stand for 40 percent of the global economy, were also allowed to be in the new year as growth engines. America, which generates more than 30 percent of the world domestic product, must once again play the tractor.

Forecast the FAZ at the end of 2002. When the US economy buzzes, the global economy buzzes as a whole – and Germany can export.

But the dependence is not one-sided. The United States are more slave as Lord of Global Economics – their foreign debt for about growth: The USA was at the end of the seventies, the US were net creders with claims to foreign countries of $ 20 billion, in 1982, these receivables reached 231 Billions of US dollars their highest stand. But shortly thereafter, the turn came into the red numbers: Since 1985, the USA – state, economy, private households – was in debt to foreign countries: In September 2001, the gross debt was 7.$ 815 billion, charged with own claims abroad still remains a net debt in high 3.493 billion dollars Ubreig (on the 17th.7.2003 the US had 6,722,160,964,748.21 US Dollars Debt).

Since the total ecological performance of the USA (GDP) at about 10.000 billion dollars is foreign debt with just under 35 percent of GDP. For comparison: The GDR was explained in October 1989 by a working group of Politburos for bankruptcy because it had a western debt of 49 billion Valutmark. These were only 16 percent of GDR GDP.

The USA can only suck the (German, European, Japanese) export surplus because they resume foreign loan capital from these states. A military mess as in Vietnam, as in Vietnam, became a loss of confidence in the international financial market – In 1971, the US was known to give up the gold binding of the dollar, whose course rushes steep. That’s why it hung it on Saturday in the FAZ: "Berlin is not located on a failure of Americans in Iraq." Who should be "our" Exportuberschusses buy when the US goes bankruptcy in a row of a second Vietnam and the greenback is only liable for fire to fire?

But Germany does not do anything to the relief of the US Army in the Iraq fischer, the hopes of Powells on German auxiliary troops unmistakably destroyed. The ratio between Washington and Berlin is like that between Lowe and Geier: The Aasfresser is neither ready to participate in the depression of the sacrifice, nor will to hinder the violence, but might outsource the Cadaver. Each Labiler becomes the occupation in Iraq, so that Washington must fulfill the German demand to assign the command to the UN. But then the US corporations had to submit a part of the opponent concessions to the competition.

Werner-Schopfer Feldmann has been overcome for some time "Flen" stray and tries to bring your own beer into circulation. But while you can buy the old branded brand at any gas station, you are looking for the new "Bolt" in vain. From this, Fischer has learned: when the ride driver leaps to early, he can lose more than win.

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