China wants to strengthen patriotism with penalties

China wants to strengthen patriotism with punishments

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While Xi Jinping has followed in the footsteps of Mao Zedong, lack of respect for the national flag and national anthem is being considered for punishment with up to three years in prison

The Chinese parliament is roughly, but actually smaller than the German one, if you consider the number of population. more than 700 deputies decide after the Bundestag election about the fate of Germany, actually it should be 598 deputies. 631 in the last legislature, but they refused to reform the electoral law.

Individual deputies don’t have much to say in a party democracy, where factionalism is usually the rule. Of course, this does not get better when there are more deputies. In China, almost 1.4 billion people are being.987 deputies in the National People’s Congress, which, however, really only turns the parliament into a rubber-stamping event. If there were as many deputies in China relative to the population as in Germany, there would be around 12.000, so a small town.

However, the Chinese parliament is considering whether to punish lack of respect for the national anthem and the national flag more severely. A bill to this effect has been submitted. General secretary of the Communist Party and head of state Xi Jinping had presented a bill to that effect at the 19. party congress and had followed in the footsteps of Mao Zedong. His "Ideas for the New Age of Socialism of Chinese Pragmatism" received Verfangsrang, whereby he more or less next to Mao put (China, autumn 2017: New behind old).

A corresponding personality cult is foreseeable, which runs parallel to the desired patriotism. Planned, for example, is a campaign to promote the spirit as a "Spirit of the 19. Party Congress" to spread. In an increasingly repressive state, Big Data and networking are to be used to build a system in which individuals are ranked on a scale of trust according to their behavior. Those who do not conform to the system are punished, those who are good acquire privileges. This is how repression is turned into a gamification model.

Respect is needed not only for the head of state and the top party leaders, who are above criticism, but also for the state symbols. The protection of the "Authority of the national anthem" shall also "authority of the state, the people and the Chinese nation" protect. For a long time it has been planned to tighten the punishments aimed at strengthening patriotism. National anthem to become central part of patriotic education in elementary schools. Whoever changes the text of the anthem or sings it disrespectfully must be punished. Local authorities must regulate and control the performance and playing of the anthem, which may not be used as background music or for advertising.

It was only in early October that the law came into effect that made disrespectful behavior toward the anthem and flag punishable by 15 days in jail. And because, according to a government representative, the national anthem is sometimes not given the necessary respect in Hong Kong, it is important to introduce the law here as well. Otherwise, the basic "One country, two systems’ principle and social morality questioned, and anger unleashed among Chinese, including most Hong Kong residents" will be.

On this occasion, it was decided to submit a new draft law with higher penalties, which would be valid in China as well as in Hong Kong and Macau. 15 days imprisonment was probably not enough deterrent. Now a disrespect of the national anthem and the national flag should be punishable with up to three years in prison. As punishment, the offender can also be deprived of political rights or placed under public surveillance. Whether the bill is approved or not, which could happen in the next few days, is not as crucial. The message is that submission to the state is required and criticism or even ironic or playful use of state symbols is not desired.

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